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A good deal of my life lessons have come from watching The Golden Girls.

The rest have come from living life & absorbing all of the wisdom life has offered up through those experiences.

I believe happiness is a daily choice, so, I try to fill my life with people, things and activities that make choosing to be happy an easier decision to make.

You can always catch me snapping pictures of anything outside, from sunrises to sunsets and everything you see in between.

I enjoy baking, working on house projects, swimming, going to comedy shows and taking long drives through the mountains with the music up.

I did my first boudoir session in front of the camera, years before I ever thought about being a photographer.

To this day, I still smile when I look at those photos and remember how strong (physically & emotionally) and brave my 20 something year old self was and I get inspired all over again!!

When you tell me you're nervous, I can honestly tell you I know how it feels to be nervous,

but I also know how phenomenal you'll feel when you look at your photos years later!! 

This is the gift I want to give to the women that step in front of my camera!

In the past 6 years since starting my photography journey,

 I have helped hundreds of women feel good about how they look in photos. 

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I have been Featured In: 

Voyage Denver

Shout Out Colorado

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