As a woman, do you find that

you tend to put yourself  towards the

bottom of the priority list

when it comes to doing things just for you? 

I thought so!! 

(I bet you wanted to say 'no' didn't ya? ) 

It is time to put yourself closer to the top of that list!!

Do stuff that lights you up; 

starting with a photoshoot with me!!!

You deserve it!! 

(Don't tell me you don't)

Actual phrases from happy clients:

"I'm so glad I finally did something just for ME!!"

"That was so much fun!!"

"Wow! I looked so incredibly happy in my photos!!"

"I felt so beautiful"

"I'm so happy I did the Photoshoot!!" 

 (You can be a happy client too!!) 

Confidence, Fun and Laughs are included in every session

Pregnancy is a time of tremendous change!! 

It feels like forever yet its over in the

blink of a sleep deprived eye. 

Looking back on photos of my own pregnancy,

I get to feel those magical feelings all over without the cravings and feet in the ribs.    

Let's capture those memories for you to look back on for years and years to come.                 


Get yourself in front of the camera

with your babies!!

I don't care if they're 2 or 72;

Take the pictures.

Life is way too short 


Babies grow up way too fast!! 

I do my best to make it as fun and as stress free as can be!!

I help you with outfit ideas, locations;

  I walk you through every step along the way so you

know exactly what to expect!! 

I'm a sucker for pretty things

so here are some pretty photos

you can order to add some beauty to your space!! 

Products are offered in a variety of sizes and mediums

including  printed metal which is

my personal favorite!! 

Go check it out!!   

If you have ideas for something I don't have listed,

please fill out the contact form

 so we can chat ideas!!

I absolutely love stretching the creative muscles!! 

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