As a woman, do you find that you tend to put yourself on the back burner?

I thought so!! 

I'm here to tell you it is time to put yourself first more often!!

Do stuff that lights you up; starting with a photoshoot with me!!!

I want you to look back on your photoshoot with me and think,

"I'm so glad I finally did something just for ME!!"

"That was so much fun!!"

"Wow! I looked so incredibly happy in my photos!!"

"I felt so beautiful"

"I'm so happy I did the Photoshoot!!" 

..and yes, these are actual phrases from clients 

Confidence, Fun and Laughs are included in every session

Click below to find out what else is included!!

If you have ideas for something I don't have listed, please fill out the contact form on any of the following pages so we can chat ideas!!

I absolutely love stretching the creative muscles!! 

Oh.. Also,

I am a sucker for pretty things so here are pretty photos you can order to add some beauty to your space!!

Products are offered in a variety of sizes and mediums including  printed metal which is my personal favorite because they don't require a frame!! 

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